Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a popular way to keep your website updated. Rather than relying on a webmaster to update your content, anybody with the permission to update your website could login to a backend area and make the changes to the website necessary. A proper CMS solution lets you update any content on your website that you would like, whether it is text copy, categories, or multimedia content.


Verecom offers a couple of CMS solutions. Our custom CMS is designed to be a very easy to use system that can deliver very specific functionality. We also offer integrated Joomla CMS solutions, providing custom design for your website based on the Joomla CMS. Joomla is very powerful and well suited for developing extensive functionality, since many functionality modules have already been coded.


Which CMS is right for you? Let us know what your project requirements are, and we can recommend the best solution for you. If you are ready to start, please contact us today.

How CMS Works

A CMS is a very simple system. In order to store dynamic information, we set up a MySQL database in the backend. To update information inside of this database, we provide our CMS to interact with this database. On the front-end, we make sure that the text and information that is printed comes directly out of the database. This way, whenever you update the database via the CMS, your website gets updated too!