Custom Web Development

Finding the right web developer may play the biggest role in determining whether your project fails or succeeds. You know your business and your market ?it is up to you to ensure that your overall plan is sound. A good developer will have experience with the technology you are looking for and can explain what will work and what will not work. A poor developer will simply build it without asking questions, and without any development feedback, you won’t know about problems until it is too late.


When you look for a developer, ask what the largest and most complex project that developer completed was. If the developer has done a site as large as or larger than what you are asking for, there is a good chance he knows what it will take to build your site. If he hasn’t, then you are taking on the risk of the having the developer push uncharted territory at your cost. 

Our Technology

Here are some of the technologies that we use in our custom web development:


- Object-Oriented PHP 5 development
- Zend Framework
- Apache web server
- Linux environment
- MySQL database
- AJAX/DHTML scripting
- CSS/Table-less based HTML

Our Credentials

Our developers are required to receive Zend PHP certification. Zend PHP certification covers essential PHP topics that a professional web developer should know, including programming security, class programming, and database connectivity. The certification is very broad, and is likely to encompass the range of skills you need for your project.

Our Specialty

Our company specializes in delivering web development on a professional level. We have built websites as large as a hundred-thousand dollars, and we know what it takes to deliver professional level work. We know how to finish a website, putting in the details so that it works perfectly. If you want to see the work we have done, please visit our portfolio, or contact us for a custom quote. In our quote, we will provide sample sites that we have done.  

Sample Custom Development 1

The Transamerica Building

Sample Custom Development 2

Pizza Hut Korea Website

More Sample Websites