Dedicated Server Hosting

Our dedicated web hosting is backed by a Tier 1 data center, name brand servers, and the ability to order managed or unmanaged hosting. If you operate a medium to large size website, our dedicated servers may be a good solution for you.


Your dedicated server is housed in a rack unit at our data center. Your server can be professionally configured and managed, or we can provide the root access so you can configure everything on your own.


If you would like us to manage your server, we will assign one of our server technicians to make sure your server is running smoothly. The technician will make sure your server is running at all times, has the latest software and security updates, and can help with software installation and customization. This is our best package for full peace of mind.


Each of our servers comes from name brand providers, and have RAID-1 mirroring redundancy be default. We also have weekly local backups in the case of total server failure (it hasn't happened to us before, but better safe than sorry).

Default Server Installation

A default installation of a dedicated server will include Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP. We will install a licensed version of Plesk or Cpanel so you could have basic server access for things like managing email and subdomains. Of course, you will have root access, so you could configure the server according to your needs. Each server can host unlimited domains, so you are limited only by the storage and bandwidth requirements of your websites.


To find out if our dedicated server is right for you, feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide help for any questions you have.

Our Support Options

What if I need support?

Trouble Ticket System that is answered usually within 15 minutes.

Support Email Address that is handled by the support staff.

Phone Support that will put you in touch with one of our technicians.

Our Dedicated Server Partners

Some of our hardware and software providers:

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