Corporate Web Design

If your website is good, you can make a great first impression on a customer. If it is poor, you may make your last impression on a customer. Our company specializes in working with corporate clients, and we have delivered work for companies like Pizza Hut, The Transamerica Building, and Best Buy. We know that there is a higher level of expectation with high-end corporate clients ?and we will treat your company the same way.

When we build a corporate website, our focus is on complementing your brand and ensuring that your site sells. Every company has a different personality, and we can help provide information architecture, images, site copy, and related collateral so best match your company. By communicating effectively through your website, your site visitors should be able to find things like case studies, testimonials, product/service descriptions, and most importantly, a good contact (leads) page.

Corporate Website Checklist

Does your website effectively include the following elements?


- Conventions-based navigability

- Copywriting and copy-images

- Detailed products/services pages

- Multiple call to actions

- Sensible aesthetics to match branding


The Technology we use


We utilize the following software and technologies when we are building our corporate websites:


- CSS, Table-Less HTML

- Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP

- Smartdraw Wireframing

- Adobe Photoshop

- Macromedia Dreamweaver

- Macromedia Flash


Contact us today and let us know what your corporate site needs. We can consult and recommend the best solution for you.

Sample Corporate Site 1

    Curphy Consulting

Sample Corporate Site 2

    Telesso Technologies

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